In order to facilitate extensive and detailed data mining at the hospital, regional or provincial level, MED2020 offers a comprehensive data repository solution.

A regional solution is defined as a WinRecs implementation for a group of hospitals or sites using a single WinRecs installation. In this environment, each hospital can store and work with patient data independently from other sites in the regional solution. Regional users can be defined for situations where a user, regardless of physical location requires access to records belonging to a different site.
This environment allows global (“Regional”) records (for example, CPI records) to be seen at all Hospitals) and permits each Hospital to code abstracts specific to the site.

For example, the group of hospitals named My Group has three different Hospitals (Hospital A, Hospital B and Hospital C). The WinRecs system has three active users, named User A, User B and User C, each established for the corresponding Hospital. These users shall be referred to as “Site Users” A fourth User D (“Regional User”) is also defined.

WinRecs contains records that are Regional and site-specific. When a record is Regional, all WinRecs users, including those established as site-specific, can see these records.

Benefits of Regional Solutions

  • Standardizes the reporting requirements
  • Allows for trending of data at all levels
  • Concentrates reporting efforts
  • Unified data source
  • Bench-mark reporting
  • Multi-level cost savings