The Historical Data Import Utility (HDIU) is used to import your hospital’s historical files as provided by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Files are provided already regrouped using the current year methodologies for import directly into WinRecs to align the records from your CIHI files with the ones already stored in your database.

Once data is loaded into your WinRecs system, five years of historical records are available for comparison with current year records using your existing SAP Crystal Reports™ or new reports that you may want to create.

The Utility includes 3 distinct historical data import options. These are:


The grouping methodologies for ambulatory care and acute inpatient care evolve from year to year. Use of the HDIU facilitates analysis and comparison of historical data with current year data grouped with the same algorithm. The data imported with the CMG+CACS HDIU works in conjunction with the CMG™ and CACS™ Groupers.

HIG™ HDIU Option (For Ontario Hospitals Only)
This option allows a facility to import both the Case Mix Group+ (CMG+) and HBAM Inpatient Group (HIG) data, including up to five fiscal years of historical data from CIHI files directly into WinRecs and allows for the same functionality as the CMG+CACS HDIU option. The HIG HDIU option works in conjunction with the HIG Grouper.

CACSON Option (For Ontario Hospitals only)
The CACSON HDIU allows Ontario facilities to import up to five years of historical data grouped with the current year’s Ontario-specific CACS (CACSON) Grouper, along with the current year’s data. This option functions in the same manner as the CMG+CACS and HIG HDIU options and works in conjunction with the Ontario-specific CACS Grouper.

2.5.1 HDIU