The Chart Deficiency module provides the Health Information Management department with a system to track all activity required to complete a patient’s chart.

Once a chart is returned to the HIM department, it is collated, sorted and analyzed to determine if any deficiencies exist. These can be entered quickly and easily via the Chart Deficiency module either manually or using bar code technology to “wand” them in. The system generates a deficiency slip per delinquent visit. As the physician(s) have completed the deficient items, the chart can be updated in one of several ways. If only some of the deficiencies are complete, those individual items can be entered and a new deficiency slip printed, showing only the outstanding items. If the physician has completed all items, only one reference number must be entered. If a physician has completed all deficient charts, the physician number can be entered, and all charts will be updated to a status of complete. The Chart Deficiency module generates delinquency letters to physicians after a hospital-defined number of days. The content of the five levels of letters is also determined by the hospital.