The Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR) module is a data collection tool within the WinRecs suite of modules that allows for the specific collection of joint replacement data as set out by the Canadian Institute for Health Information for their CJRR Registry. This registry focuses exclusively on gathering data related to knee and hip interventions as captured by the following CCI codes:

1.VA.53.^^ – Implantation of internal device, hip joint
1.SQ.53.^^ – Implantation of device, pelvis
1.VG.53.^^ – Implantation of internal device, knee joint
1.VP.53.^^ – Implantation of internal device, patella

This includes knee and hip replacements that are:

  • Emergency or elective
  • Total or partial
  • Primary or revision

CJRR records can be created in 3 ways; directly in the CJRR module (manual creation), through a DAD or NACRS discharge abstract or through a batch in interface from an OR system.

2.2.6 CJRR