Technical Overview

Depending on how the system deployment is planned, as a single-server solution, a multiple-server solution, or a clustered solution, the computer hardware that MED2020 WinRecs and components will run on is important for acceptable application performance.

There are many factors that you must consider that can affect the hardware requirements. They include the following:

Number of users the MED2020 WinRecs implementation will support and the way the application will be used, such as for intensive reporting
Number of servers and how they are configured Microsoft® SQL Server® performance and availability
Integration of MED2020 WinRecs with the Health Level Seven (HL7) Service
Performance of your servers and the local area network (LAN)

WinRecs is a Windows Desktop solution that can be installed on a desktop or delivered via solutions such as Citrix, Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Web Access. WinRecs allows end users to authenticate themselves using their Microsoft Domain Credentials. Although authentication can be done via active-directory authorization, configuration continues to be done through WinRecs. WinRecs supports deployment in a virtual environment.

WinRecs uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database server. Each version of SQL Server has its own set of supported Windows Operation Systems.