Although there is a growing trend towards storing clinical information in electronic format, many patient care and health information management activities still involve handling a patient chart that is partially, if not entirely, paper-based. Keeping tabs on these paper charts, handling requests for copies of the information stored in them and ensuring that the charts are complete are labor-intensive endeavors. To further complicate matters, misplaced/misfiled charts further drive up cost and negatively impact patient safety.

MED2020’s Chart Management tools help Health Information professionals streamline the chart handling process and significantly reduce the incidence and impact of missing or incomplete charts.

MED2020’s Chart Management package includes three chart management tools that can be purchased separately or in various combinations to address specific institutional needs. These tools can be integrated with MED2020’s flagship coding and abstracting system, WinRecs, or with similar products from other vendors.

MED2020’s Chart Management tools can significantly improve the efficiency of handling paper-based patient charts, reduce or eliminate the headaches associated with manual chart handling processes, and, in the case of Release of Information, allow you to keep more of the fees charged for this service in your organization.