Historically, ambulatory care costs were relatively difficult to ascertain. The AmCare module provides the information needed to confirm where, and how, health care dollars are being spent. It provides the critical information needed to manage practices more effectively – i.e. monitoring Wait Times, monitoring repeat visits and left without being seen. The AmCare system allows the facility to capture, group and report ambulatory care data to meet Provincial and National reporting mandates for the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System.

Our AmCare module provides the critical information needed to manage emergency department practices more effectively, while meeting all NACRS requirements.

Features of Ambulatory Care (NACRS)

Cloning – The system can clone re-occurring outpatient visits. The patient abstract is cloned from the previous visit, with only the need to add the admit date and time for completion.

Profiling – The profiling feature allows the user to create ‘standard’ case profiles that have consistent data then to select that profile to quickly code these cases. An example is Chemotherapy visits where provider, diagnostic and intervention codes rarely change.

MIS Driven Edits – AmCare contains real-time edit checks, related error messages and flags mandatory field requirements based on the MIS code entered.

Electronic Handling of CIHI Rejections – The user can import the rejection files from CIHI. The system will flag the records for correction, allowing the user to quickly process and re-submit.

Integrated CACS™ Grouper – Users can view records, in real time, to confirm the diagnostic and intervention codes have resulted in the correct group and Ambulatory Case Weight (ACW™) assignment.

Multi Level Handling – AmCare has the ability to manage data for Reporting Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Benefits of Ambulatory Care (NACRS)

  • Increases Data Quality
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Departmental Costs

NACRS – Application Preview

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