Our Chart Locator module streamlines the process of tracking the movement of charts throughout the hospital. The electronic log file allows the HIM department to loan, transfer or locate files more efficiently than manual processes.

The Chart Locator module assists the Health Information Management department in tracking the movement of patient charts throughout the hospital. This module can also be used to track charts as they are collated, sorted, and assembled in the HIM department itself. Barcode technology is available as an option to assist in enhancing throughput. Patient charts leave the HIM department either singularly (as patients are admitted), or in batches (for clinics or rounds). The Health Records System efficiently handles both situations. Single charts can be issued, and pull lists for batches of charts can be generated. When charts are returned to the department, they can also be returned singularly or in batches. Each location has a hospital-defined number of days it is allowed to keep the chart, after which time an Outstanding Loan Report can be generated.

Benefits of Chart Locator

  • Allows for trending of data at all levels
  • Consistent reporting amongst facilities