The NRS module contains client data collected on adult inpatient rehabilitation patients for the facility, including specialized facilities or hospital rehabilitation units with designated rehabilitation beds. The minimum data set contains clinical data on functional status based on the 18-item FIM™ instrument and additional cognitive elements. Facilities collect patient information on admission and discharge from the inpatient rehabilitation program and send the data to CIHI on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

There is an option to collect additional information in a follow-up assessment, conducted between three to six months after the patient’s discharge from the rehabilitation bed. Collection of this information provides an opportunity to assess the sustainability of functional outcomes the patient gained during their rehabilitation stay.

MED2020’s NRS has also been enhanced to include 2 additional (optional) assessment types:

  • Interim assessments which can be completed between the patient’s admission and discharge to help the care-giver monitor the patient’s progress while in the inpatient rehabilitation bed.
  • Post Discharge assessment which can be used to track the patient’s progress through outpatient clinics. Data from these assessments is not sent to CIHI but can be reported on and used internally.

National Rehabilitation Patient Grouping (RPG) Methodology

MED2020 has addressed the need to include inpatient rehabilitation data into the funding formula by introducing a patient classification system (‘grouper’) and associated weights.

At the highest level, patients are assigned to a unique Rehabilitation Group (RG) which are collections of clinically similar patients. Within each group, patients are assigned to a unique Rehabilitation Patient Group (RPG) based on FIM™ motor scores, FIM™ cognitive scores and patient age. The Rehabilitation Cost Weight (RCW) represents an average relative resource use for patients in each RPG. MED2020’s NRS assessments, coupled with the NRS Grouper values, (visible online or in report form) provide a simple method to collect, analyze and report on the Rehabilitation Patient population, either in detailed or statistical form. Canned reports are available and ad hoc reports can be easily created and maintained by the facility to support both national and provincial reporting needs.

2.2.3 NRS