Provincial, Regional, Target and Best Percentile Data

All WinRecs CMG Clients have “Canadian” values for ELOS, 10th, 25th and 50th percentiles available for reporting from the I10_CMG_VR view. The “Provincial”, “Regional”, “Target” or “Best” Percentile data is uploaded to a Table within WinRecs. The data from the table is available through the use of the CMG_Benchmarks_VR. The view is used in conjunction with the I10_CMG_VR or I10_Abstract_And_CMG_VR – linking on CMG, RI Level and Age Group in the CMG_Benchmarks_VR to fields in the CMG views. Of note, if clients are using Crystal 9 or higher, the link on Age Group can be done at the view level, ie: in the Database Expert, Link tab. However, clients using Crystal 8 or 8.5 are advised to link only the CMG and RIL fields in the Database Expert and add the age group link within the Select Formula (this is because of the way Crystal 8 handles tables).

Example: {CMG_Benchmarks_VR.AgeGroup} = {I10_CMG_VR.PercentileAgeGroup}

Clients will receive a zip file which contains the *.wru file which loads the appropriate data to the WinRecs database. Once the *.wru has been generated on the database you will be able to access the data for reporting purposes.

Add the CMG_Benchmarks_VR view to existing reports and link to appropriate fields in the CMG views or create new reports.

Link: I10_CMG_VR or I10_Abstract_And_CMG_VR to CMG_Benchmarks_VR