The Cancer Care module offers the ability to track and report Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) Disease Registrations and New Drug Funding Program (NDFP) enrolments for patients. The solution incorporates the key application features found in the Inpatient and Ambulatory Care modules in addition to all Cancer Care specific Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), CIHI and CCO field edits and cancer staging requirements.

The Cancer Care module is a data collection tool within the WinRecs suite of modules, sharing a common Central Patient Index and allowing the collection of cancer care data specific to the Disease Registration and NDFP Enrollment.

Creation of submission files is performed via the WinRecs Report Generator. Data is extracted based on the parameter values presented and entered.

Specific submission reports for:

  1. Disease Entity
  2. NDFP Enrolment
  3. Provider’s Entity
  4. Patient Entity

To clarify some misunderstandings, a patient is not registered with Cancer Care Ontario on each visit. They are registered once with Cancer Care Ontario per Primary Disease, otherwise the entry at Cancer Care Ontario is overwritten with the new information submitted. Once the registration is received and processed, what Cancer Care Ontario gets sent is updates to the registration or disease information or the visit related information which is referred to as ALR reporting information (Activity Level Reporting). Activity level reporting is what we are most familiar with DAD and NACRS reporting we presently do.

2.27 CCM