The Continuing Care Reporting system with integrated RAPS (Resident Assessment Protocol) and RUGSIII grouper allows hospitals to capture the Minimum Data Set for patients needing continuing or long-term care.

The CCRS or Continuing Care Reporting System module and RUGSIIITM grouper allows the user to capture the MDS (Minimum Data Set) for patients needing continuing or long-term care. Following the same functionality of all other system abstracting modules, the system allows fast assessment entry, which can be performed by the Nursing unit or Health Information Management personnel. This module has been designed to also be used with wireless technology so clinicians may assess patients at their bedside. The RUGSIII grouper was designed to calculate the Resource Utilization groups for the Complex Continuing Care reporting system. This integrated grouper breaks the cases into 7 categories which are hierarchical such as special rehabilitation, extensive services and clinically complex cases. The grouper provides the tool to determine care needs of the patient population. The RAPS identifies triggers where care plans may be required for continuity of care of the patient.


  • Conforms with National and Provincial data submission and edit requirements, thereby eliminating the need for special customization
  • RUGS III™ is embedded and allows for patient cases to be divided into 7 hierarchical categories
  • RAPs are automatically triggered to identify where care plans are required
  • User Customization gives the end user the choice to customize the way they use MDS 2.0
  • Real Time Edit Management allows the user to view and correct errors as they happen
  • Intuitive Logic reduces the number of keystrokes required
  • Audit Trail tracks all types of authorized and unauthorized access to a patient record while adhering to Federal and Provincial Privacy Legislation
  • Free User-Defined Fields are available in the assessment modules, giving flexibility
  • A standard Report Library is integrated in MDS 2.0 and can be run using Crystal Reports software
2.2.5 CCRS