WinRecs is MED2020 Health Care Software Inc.’s flagship application and the Canadian health information industry’s leading data collection and abstracting software. In addition to the WinRecs Version 2 series, WinRecs Version 3 gives a new face to the trusted and reliable health information management software known so well to healthcare professionals across Canada. WinRecs Version 3 offers numerous improvements for users and includes a host of elements that allow the individual user to customize the presentation of information on their screen.

Docking windows allow users to expand, collapse, tab or pin information windows in the application, such as Visit History, Message List, Grouper and Module Menu.
Individuals can customize their view of the abstracting window for font size, row height and column width.
More options are available to navigate the abstract including the mouse, function or arrow keys or the Enter key to tab through the abstract.
Text can be directly entered into data entry fields, eliminating the data entry dialog box and reducing key strokes. Users may also copy and paste directly into text fields.
Contextual look up tables can be accessed by double-clicking in the entry field.
Multiple abstracts can be open at the same time, allowing users to toggle between as many open abstracts as they like. The active window is highlighted so users are certain which abstract is being worked on.
Multi-forms are presented in a new horizontal format which allow users to see multiple lines of occurrences at a single glance.
Multi-form columns can be re-arranged for quick revisions to data.
An Edit Engine module provides users with an intuitive interface that enables health records professionals to define and create their own data quality edits.

WinRecs 3 – Application Preview

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